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Rain & Romance: A Perfect Combo

Updated: Feb 14

A few months ago, Carissa reached out to me about scheduling a couples session. What she had in mind was cinematic, beautiful, and full of that radiant foliage that comes with October in Ohio. However, in true unpredictable Ohio form, on the day of the session the temperatures were in the mid-80s and the sun was blazing! Knowing that this was definitely not the atmosphere she was looking for, I texted Carissa to ask if she'd like to reschedule. She happily agreed and we pushed the session out by two weeks.

The second date arrived and sure enough, we had the crisp fall atmosphere - but we also had cloudy gray skies and a radar promising hours of rain. Feeling inspired, I contacted Carissa again to ask if she and Alex were willing to try something bold. Having worked with me in the past on some unconventional shoots, she said yes with no hesitation, and we set off for our location!

Once there, my fearless friends and I got right into the shoot, laughing and having a great, if damp, time - thank you, weatherproofing! With a couple of funny prompts ("smell the bridge of her nose"), we let love and nature's beauty take over, and created some absolute magic:

The takeaway from this shoot is this: don't let the unexpected bring down your spirit or ruin your plans. Sometimes the best way to weather a storm is to embrace it.

Stay adventurous!



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