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"Twinadoes" and a New Venue

Updated: Feb 14

Any photographer can tell you that photographing small children is not for the weak (or slow - gotta be fast on that shutter), and photographing twins?? You better rest up, hydrate, and stretch before that session!

In seriousness, these girls did great at this session, and it was a low-pressure good time. Their mom (and my friend) understands the importance of not putting big demands on little bodies and instead working with them to get the genuine personalities. It's far better to get several photos of everyone enjoying each others' company than it is to force small children to be still and get one "perfect" family photo. That said, the girls were accommodating enough to let us do a couple of posed family shots inside this beautifully staged greenhouse!

A family photo in a greenhouse decorated for the holidays.

Once we were done, we unleashed the twinadoes outside, where they had a blast looking for bumblebees enjoying the last blooms of the year. While chasing them around, I swear they used that secret "twinspeak" thing to coordinate efforts to be going in opposite directions any time they spotted me!

A photo of two girls playing outside.
Coordinated tactics!

The real treat came after these photos, though. Since our session was right before Halloween, everybody suited up and showed off their spooky best!

These are the moments that make me so grateful for what I do, and for the families who generously invite me to participate in their sweet exchanges.



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