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In-Home Session with Kasey & Andrew

As a photographer who loves working with couples, I'm always looking for new ways to capture the essence of relationships. Recently, I had the opportunity to try a whole new aspect: an in-home couples session! It went so well, ignited my ability to make creative compositions, and taught me a lot about adapting to different light situations.

One of the perks of in-home sessions, especially during the winter months, is the cozy intimacy they provide. There's an inherent relaxed atmosphere to being in the comfort of your own home with someone you love. You have your entire wardrobe at your disposal, as well as fuzzy blankets and thick socks if you so choose, things that usually aren't available in studio.

From the moment we started, I felt such a strong sense of love & connection between Kasey and Andrew, and it very much felt like a relaxed day at home for them. No distractions (other than me, of course!), just the two of them in their own private sanctuary. With a little prompting, but more casual conversation, they were able to simply exist in each others' company and be themselves, and I think that came through in the photos just beautifully.

The most rewarding part of any session is the feedback from my clients upon seeing their photos, and Kasey's immediate response was enthusiastic and just as excited as I was to show them! I truly hope that she and Andrew view these as a testament to their love and life together.

If you've been considering a couples shoot but aren't sure where to start, I highly recommend exploring the option of an in-home session! It is a unique, intimate experience that provides a beautiful opportunity to capture the true essence of your relationship. As this is a fairly unique offering, to schedule, please reach out to me through my Contact page. Thanks for reading and sharing in the joy & love of this session!



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